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Eco Flooring UK was founded in 2008 by Jim Sanderson when he realised that hundreds of square metres of amazing quality solid wood flooring was being removed from demolition sites and literally thrown away to landfill. Through sheer drive, ambition and his natural talent for all things wood, Jim determined that he would create and design beautiful floors from the salvaged wood.

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ECO Flooring UK Showing at London Home Building and Renovating - September 22nd to 24th 2017
Home Building & Renovating Show London: 22nd-24th September
ECO Flooring UK Showing at Edinburgh Home Building and Renovating - 21st-22nd October 2017
Home Building & Renovating Show Edinburgh: 21st-22nd October
ECO Flooring UK Showing at Harrogate Home Building and Renovating - 3rd - 5th November 2017
Home Building & Renovating Show Harrogate: 3rd-5th November
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Underfloor Heating

Here at Ecoflooring we are often asked whether our beautiful reclaimed wood flooring can be used over underfloor heating. The main answer to this is - of course!
Most of our wood has already withstood constant temperature changes for often as long as 300 years - that's 1,200 seasonal changes!
Wood that is so well seasoned is actually less liable to expansion/contraction problems than even artificial engineered wood laminates. However it is important to ensure that your beautiful wood floor is always treated with the respect it deserves, which is why we recommend a self-regulating type of heating such as the UKWarmfloor low-energy system.

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Cosy, economical
Ideal for parquet flooring

The intelligent heating elements are designed to maintain a constant moderated temperature evenly across the whole floor surface at all times - which as well as providing the perfect heating solution for us beneath wood flooring also has the added bonus of having the lowest energy use of any heating system on the market today.
So be in no doubt, if you want one of our amazing, world-class reclaimed wood floors in your home you can also have a world-class underfloor heating system to go with it!

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Space Saving

Without radiators, piping, fans or other obstructive equipment, underfloor heating really allows you to enjoy every inch of your space.

Health Benefits

Underfloor heating helps to offer a natural heating feel from the ground up which has been shown to provide numerous health benefits.

Cost Saving

With modern and efficient underfloor heating designs, you can save money on the cost of heating your space versus conventional heating methods.

Comfort guaranteed

With more space to enjoy and not a pipe in sight, your comfort is bound to be optimised with underfloor heating.

Fast Heating

Getting warm and cosy as fast as possible is always the way to go when those winter months start to kick in, underfloor heating may just surprise you!

Child Friendly

With self-monitoring measures you can rest assured that your underfloor heating will not ever become too hot for those precious little feet.

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