Black Friday Deals - Terms and Conditions - Eco Flooring UK
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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The quote for services rendered and products supplied by ECO Flooring UK (‘Us‘), must be created and accepted by ECO Flooring UK and the potential customer (‘Customer‘) during the sale period (‘Sale Period‘) which falls between the dates of the 16th November 2018 and the 24th November 2018
    1. Communication of acceptance of the quote is only valid when in writing via email to and from the Customer
    2. Quotes by Us will be supplied via email to the Customer
    3. Quotes accepted after the end date of the Sale Period by the Customer will not benefit from the advertised discount
    4. Quotes received outside of the Sale Period are not eligible to benefit from the advertised discount
  2. Orders able to benefit from the Black Friday Sale of 40% discounted from the full price are those incorporating more than 15m2 of surface area (‘Area‘)
    1. Area can be amassed through application of our service and product to multiple areas not exceeding 3 separate areas