Louis Vuitton - Eco Flooring UK
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Louis Vuitton

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Louis Vuitton Parquet
  • Louis Vuitton Parquet
  • Louis Vuitton Parquet

La Gallerie, Asnieres-Sur-Seine, France

Bespoke Showcase
About This Project

The world renowned and highly prestigious brand, Louis Vuitton recently opened its second private museum ‘La Galerie’ in Asnieres-Sur-Seine. The museum exhibits exceptional collections demonstrating the history of Louis Vuitton dating back to the 19th century through to the modern day. Jim Sanderson, founder of Eco Flooring UK, was commissioned to create a unique piece for their prestigious display within the museum and that is where it is located to this day. Jim drew inspiration from the original Damier Signature and sourced beautiful Oak and Walnut with which he was able to produce this stunning design.