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Beyond the incredible character and beauty of reclaimed solid wood flooring, there are some technical considerations that make reclaimed solid wood a viable and potentially superior choice compared to standard options.

The default option for suppliers and installers is often to select an engineered floor as they are pre-finished, generally easy to install and carry a reasonable degree of stability over underfloor heating.

Whilst this may be an appropriate choice for some projects, engineered floors
are by no means the only, or the best option and can vary significantly in quality, dependent on timber species, construction and fitting.


As an increasingly popular choice in many residential and commercial projects, there are a variety of under floor heating systems on the market.

The two main types are electrical matting and hot water pipe systems.

When choosing a method of under floor heating it is important to use a qualified installer who can recommend the most appropriate solution for your project. Achieving a consistent temperature across the area is vital, as using sub- standard systems or poor quality fitters may cause problems with humidity and hot spots in the future.


Wood is a natural product and will always have some moisture content. Moisture content is important, because in modernising and restoring our homes and buildings underfloor heating has become a popular and economical choice.

A lower moisture content is desirable for the stability and durability of the floor and for optimal heat distribution. Typically, fresh solid wood has a moisture content of between 12-24% compared to 8-12% for engineered* wood products.

The reclaimed wood which we use
in our design projects is hundreds of years old, so it typically has a very low moisture content of 0-2%. On average it has endured around 800-1200 seasons, making it an incredibly hard-wearing and stable product.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding reclaimed wood floors or you want any advice, please do contact us and we’d be delighted to provide you with more information.

* Engineered wood floors consist of a very thin veneer of timber bonded to a carrier layer of plywood or softwood

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