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We source your beautiful reclaimed flooring, ship it back to the UK. Where we hand clean it in our workshop. Then we send out your wood to your property to acclimatise in your home this gives the reclaimed wood time to readjust to its new home. Then we will install your chosen design to fit your property!  We will then sand the reclaimed floor to a finish you love. Not taking all the hundreds of years off the floor. We will then put a finish of your choice to your new masterpiece.

You will just love our service from start to finish you will play a key part it’s your floor.

prices start for all the above £135m2 50% lower than London prices 



When it comes to choosing a design the limit is really your imagination.

Our experts will help you to choose between classic and contemporary styles. Whatever you choose, your floor will be created and finished using traditional marquetry techniques.

We reclaim the best solid wood, just for you.

All our reclaimed solid wood flooring is sourced directly from Europe (with the exception of teak), the calibre of our reclaimed solid wood is second to none.

All our oak comes from châteaus, monasteries and other heritage buildings in France, where is has adorned the floors for centuries. Oak is a tough and durable material, and the reclaimed and restored material is full of character and history.

The beautiful, aged nature of this product enables us to create distinctive floors to suit and make a statement in any space.

so why chose reclaimed flooring 

Wood is a natural product and will always have some moisture content. Moisture content is important, because in modernising and restoring our homes and buildings underfloor heating has become a popular and economical choice.

A lower moisture content is desirable for the stability and durability of the floor and for optimal heat distribution. Typically, fresh solid wood has a moisture content of between 12-24% compared to 8-12% for engineered* wood products.

The reclaimed wood which we use
in our design projects is hundreds of years old, so it typically has a very low moisture content of 0-2%. On average it has endured around 800-1200 seasons, making it an incredibly hard-wearing and stable product.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding reclaimed wood floors or you want any advice, please do contact us and we’d be delighted to provide you with more information.

* Engineered wood floors consist of a very thin veneer of timber bonded to a carrier layer of plywood or softwood

we work closely with you involving you in every step from the design of your reclaimed flooring, to how much we sand off, we do not like to over sand a beautiful old floor and take years away from its life. We will discuss and show you the options on finishes and guide you to the best for your property. We are a family run business we want as much of your input as possible this is your floor and your investment.

it’s important you pick your finishes in the different light’s morning, afternoon, evening, this is not done in a showroom with false lighting this is done in your home.  

To start you journey today contact us. 

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